Pilates Trainer

Abigail Munn is a San Francisco based Pilates trainer.  She teaches both private lessons and group sessions at Body Chemistry Studio in the mission district.  Abigail discovered Pilates while searching for a safe way to strengthen her body for the demands of a trapeze artist.  She first studied the work while getting a BFA in Modern Dance from UC Santa Barbara.  In 2004 she received her Pilates training from Ellie Herman, and in 2009 joined the Balance Body Faculty at EHS Pilates Institute.  Besides her work teaching,  Abigail has been featured in numerous instruction videos, teaching manuals and advertisements for Balanced Body.    For Abigail, the joy of teaching comes in helping clients discover body awareness, eliminate pain, and fully realize their personal movement potential.


Abigail currently sees both private clients and teaches group Reformer classes at Body Chemistry Studio

312 Valencia (between 14th and 15th)

San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 558-1655



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